Many homeowners who are used to doing their own yard work may think that they can handle their tree trimming and removal needs on their own, but the reality of the situation is that these are not do-it-yourself jobs. For the sake of your personal safety, the safety of your property, and the health of your trees, you should always contact a certified arborist or a professional tree service company for these tasks.

Avoid Injury

There are many hazards involved in working with trees. Chainsaws, for example, are extremely dangerous, and can easily lead to injury. In situations where the tree being trimmed or removed is near a power line, there is also a very real risk of electrocution. Finally, there is also the possibility of falling. Professional tree removers have the equipment and experience needed to safely trim or remove your tree while avoiding these dangers.

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Prevent Property Damage

A common reason for tree or limb removal is to prevent damage to your home or nearby power lines. However, if you attempt the removal yourself without hiring a professional, things can get out of control, and a limb may fall and cause the damage that you were trying to prevent. If you do manage to remove the tree successfully, what will you do with the stump? Professional tree service companies have stump grinders and chipping equipment, allowing them to remove the tree in its entirety without leaving a stump as an eyesore in your yard.

Keep Your Trees Healthy

Tree trimming done correctly is not harmful to the tree, and can provide many benefits. However, pruning that is done incorrectly can put unnecessary stress on the tree and invite disease and infection. Pruning should always be carried out by an experienced professional who knows the trimming methods that are best for the tree’s health.

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Cost of Tree Removal - Melbourne Landscaping Tree Removal

If you just cut down a tree in your yard, you might notice a tree stump left behind. Naturally, cutting a tree doesn't mean that you will cut off the root as well. You will need a different set of stump removal procedures in taking out the stuck root on the ground to make your lawn look flawlessly beautiful. You have a couple of choices if you need to have the stump out of your yard. Either you hire a professional to do it for you, or do it yourself by renting a grinder.

However, you must also consider the size of the tree stump. If it is too large, then you must eliminate the idea of grinding it. Another bad idea that most people come up in terms of stump removal is by hooking the stump to a pick up truck and drive as hard as they could. It will not only damage your lawn but it can also rip off the brake lines of your truck. Not a very good idea to even think about trying.

For cheaper and practical way of stump removal only requires a few tools to use. You just need to provide a good digging spade. In landscaping purposes, a heavy digging spade is very useful. The quality of the spade must be contemplated for an efficient and effective result of digging.

A steel toe boot must be worn at all times for safety since you are about to dig up and there is no guarantee that the tools that you will use will always have the right direction. An all purpose utility bar or a landscape bar is also needed because of its narrow edge that can make the digging process a lot easier.

The first step of the stump removal procedure is to begin digging little trenches around it and using the spade backwards can make little leverages. But of course, you should dig away from the stump while throwing the soil in an outward angle so you can expose more roots as possible.

After digging the edges of the stump, you may start using the landscape bar to cut out the roots in the stump perimeter. The technique on easier digging out is lifting the bar and stabs it back on the ground.

Eventually, you will notice that the stump starts to move. Little by little, with enough patience, your effort will result to success. The process can be very simple but if you don't have the right tools, the stump removal is nearly impossible. Hiring the experts is the best solution for your safety and your yard beauty also.

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A Closer Look At Arborists

Storms happen. Whether wind, rain, or lightening, storms can do quite some damage as well. And one of the most common and widely-reported aftermaths of a serious storm are fallen trees. When trees fall, the outcome can be very devastating. Large trees can completely demolish houses, cave in roof tops and garages, take out power lines and telephone poles, and even harm people and pets.

Fortunately, there are professional tree care services available to help remove split, fallen, leaning, and obstructive trees, as well as, tree and underbrush clearance. Of course, these services are not free, but they may be covered by your homeowner's insurance!

If your town just recently experienced a storm that left you with a toppled tree in your yard, you are probably asking yourself how much a tree service company will charge to get rid of it. Continue reading to learn the average costs of having a fallen tree professionally removed.

Tree Removal Prices

The price for tree removal is dependent on various factors, including the company, the size of a tree, the condition of a tree, location of a tree, degree of risk, surrounding environmental factors, and more. It is best to simply contact a local tree care company and request an estimate for fallen tree removal. They will ask you a series of questions to help gauge an average price over the phone. Then they will come out in person to assess the tree's situation and provide a final estimate. As for average costs, tree removal prices can be as low as $100 and as high as $1000 or more. Refer to the guide below for average tree removal cost estimations.

25 to 30 Feet = $100 - $400

30 to 75 Feet = $400 - $1000

75+ Feet = $1000+

Additional Costs to Consider

Aside from tree removal, there are some additional costs to be aware of. Some companies charge extra (up to 50% more) if trees are obstructing or located over utility lines, power lines, roads, buildings, and more. If you wish to have the stump removed as well, you will most likely face additional charges for stump removal service. This ranges anywhere between $100 and $500, depending on the size of the stump and the extent of the underground root system. And it is common for tree care companies to charge an additional fee of $50 to $75 for haul-away service. It is important to ask if hauling service is included in the estimate given to you.